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Irish Beach, Spring & Fall Training Camps

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for a trek north to Irish Beach Resort for spring training… All students & their families are invited to spend 5 days and 4 nights in a two star private beach house about 12 miles south of the town of Mendocino. Students can expect to spend much of their days training but there will be plenty of time for fun and adventure around the Mendocino area also. Family members, who don’t train may enjoy the amenities of the beach houses, spend lazy time on the private beach, or explore the north coast.

Please bring sundries, bed sheets/sleeping bags (sleeping bag are best for kids), towel, swimsuit, and clothing suitable for wind/sand/water. Your host will provide all meals, with service support by motivated students (or to be motivated students). Musical entertainment will be the responsibility of all, so be ready to sing or play guitar…

Please don’t bring pets, personal electronics, CD’s, nonkick’em-up videos/DVD’s, or anything that can potentially make an ugly beach house.

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Mt Lassen, Summer Training Camp

Back by popular demand, we will head out on a pack-a-little (day packing), camp-a-lot, and train-a-lot-more adventure in Mt. Lassen National Park. Won’t worry, we hear the volcano is not longer working. Training on this trip will cover all material up to 2 nd Degree Black Belt.

This trip may require digging a hole now and then along with other A.D.L.s of mountain life. You will need a light pack, sleeping bag, plate, cup, knife, fork, towel, flashlight, big hat, sun block, bug off, and clothes for drastic weather changes (85° to rain within hours). A light fishing pole will allow us an alternative to a pasta diet. If you would like to bring a tent, please speak with Mr. Pruitt.

Your host will provide all meals, with service support by motivated students (or to be motivated students). Next trek to Mt Lassen

$180. For adults
$200. For kids traveling with parent (+ $90/parent)
$280. For young people leaving parents at home

Danville Karate International

Danville Karate International

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