Beyond Screaming

Women's Self-Defense

Comprehensive 8-hour course for women only

In this special class students first learn how to avoid trouble, and most importantly, what to do if they can't. The course teaches easy to remember techniques specially designed for women, who may need to defend themselves against a much larger adversary. You will learn effective, easy to remember defenses against grabs, punches and weapons. Additionally, you’ll be taught how to manage many different types of real life confrontations including robberies.

Be prepared for hands-on practice of your new street survival skills in multiple role play scenarios with your fellow class members and confrontations that simulate real world confrontations. After completing the course, most students describe increased feelings of self-confidence and security.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, Dates to be announced.

Contact us at (925) 820-9612 to enroll in the above class or to schedule group reservations (eight student minimum).

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