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Teaching Skills for Life

Beau, Steven, Rishi, and Todd

Traditionally, Karate students have been the pride of their masters and representatives of the generations that have come before them. Karate students learn life skills requisite to socially responsible leadership through disciplined training and modeling. Secondarily, generations of Karate Masters have served as mentors, advocates, and life-coaches for their students who grow to represent all that is good about their martial arts lineage.

Karate International offers life coaching and mentoring services in a specialized program that pairs private karate lessons with an achievement-based life skill education. Students are taught discipline, propriety, and self-defense skills in one-on-one lessons that focus on specific skills needed to achieve a black belt. Concurrently, students and/or parents work together to establish and achieve academic and social goals. The instructor then works with the student each class to practice skills, and monitor progress towards related objectives along the way.

As students grow, they develop the courage and self-confidence needed to identify and follow a life path that:

Beau, Steven, Rishi, and Todd

Our skill-based life education program is not meant to replace counseling therapy for any student who may require the needs of a mental health professional.

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