Weekly Group Class Schedule

Ages Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Adv.7+  3:45pm       3:45pm 11:45pm
Novice 4 to 6 12:30pm       1230pm 12:45pm
Beg. 4 to 6 4:45pm 3:45pm   3:45pm   10am
Beg. 7 to 12   4:30pm   4:30pm   10:45am
Adv. 7 to 12   5:30pm   5:30pm   11:45am
13 to 18   6:30pm   6:30pm   1:30pm
Adults   7:45pm   7:45pm    
Youth Sparr.         4:30pm  
Teen Sparr.         5:30pm  
MMA/Lt 6:30pm 2:00pm   2:00pm 6:30pm  
Padded Weap.           4:30pm